At LedgerFunding our goal is to provide you with transparent funding solutions to help you mitigate cash flow challenges so you can focus on growing your business!

Compare offers directly from the funders without intermediaries. Lower the cost of capital without taking on debt or equity dilution when traditional bank loans are not available or sufficient by using:

Invoice Financing
Purchase Order Financing
Payables Financing
Supply Chain Finance
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What Makes LedgerFunding a Unique Marketplace to find Working Capital Lender?

To understand how our approach is exceptional in the field, it is key to first understand what exactly working capital financing is.

Working capital is money that is essential for a business to manage and fund day-to-day operational costs like rent, payroll, inventory, and marketing activities. When a business takes on larger customer orders, expands to more markets, is seasonal, or is in wholesale or distribution industry which has to balance cash in and out between manufacturers and retailers, the resulting cash crunch can be difficult to pull out of without additional funding. Working capital financing is a cash flow solution that allows businesses to sell outstanding invoices with terms in exchange for cash upfront – this is not a loan and doesn’t count against your credit rating, unlike a traditional bank loan. A working capital lender provides such funding at a higher cost than a bank and is an alternative resource for fast-growing businesses with few assets to borrow against.

When applying for working capital financing, the finance rate offered is linked to a business’s customer’s creditworthiness, because the buyer is the ultimate payer from whom the funder will collect the full invoice payment. For small and mid-size businesses working with creditworthy buyers, this lowers the cost of working capital financing. That’s where LedgerFunding comes in. We have created a secure software platform that keeps tabs on the cash flow and allows the business to create funding request when the need arises. Then LedgerFunding provides matched funders for the business to select and compare offers in a privacy-preserving manner. This saves you time and worries, and helps you get the right deal.

We understand that the financing industry has challenges over the years. From altered loan data to lack of openness and internal controls, and high cost from certain embedded finance which doesn’t offer choices to a captive audience, we’ve recognized the need for an honest, trustworthy, and transparent funding process that also protects the privacy of companies and helps them lower the cost of financing. That’s what makes our solution unique for which we received a patent for our innovation.

With the obvious need for a better system in mind, we founded LedgerFunding to make working capital accessible to business networks through a private, secure, and self-directed platform.


Enterprise-Grade Technology and Security

We specifically use enterprise blockchain because the Distributed Ledger Technology and permissioned network protect the integrity of funding data and processes, greatly improve efficiency in loan syndication, allow for payment tracking, and significantly increase the security and safety of all of our users.

At LedgerFunding, we strive to enhance the availability and accessibility of solutions between financing companies and businesses by:

Providing a tech-enabled trustworthy and privacy-preserving platform
for companies to obtain the working capital at a competitively priced offer that they need to help their business thrive.
Decreasing the cost of customer acquisition for funders
and allowing companies access to reliable funders that they might not have otherwise found without our secure platform.
Increasing user transactions in a business network
with choices of funding solutions, rather than being captive to individual finance company.
Augmenting single-funder supply chain finance programs
for corporations, and helping deep-tier suppliers receive payments quicker.
Assuring the integrity of funding data and processes
by using Distributed Ledger Technology which is immutable, unlike conventional technology which can be tampered and manipulated.
Providing multi-dimensional insights from the platform
to help funders with underwriting and risk management, and suppliers with cash flow management.

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How Our Working Capital Finance System Works

Once you have signed up to our patented platform, the funding process is fairly straightforward.

Automated Onboarding
When you log in to our web portal, you'll be able to link with your Enterprise Resource Planning or accounting system for permissioned onboarding. From there, you'll be able to use the cash flow management tools and manage funding requests on demand.
Funding Requests & Offers
After the system has helped you identify your cash flow gap, you can select the invoices or submit POs to create your funding request. Funders can offer a funding solution to a company that matches their funding criteria and agrees to share confidential information.
Funding & Reporting
Once funding requests have been made, suppliers can select from matched funders and compare offers. The system facilitates the funding process including ongoing financial reporting so you don't need to. The LedgerFunding customer support team is standing by to assist you at any juncture of the process.

This entire process is completely secure with enterprise-grade blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Documents and algorithms cannot be manipulated or tampered with at any time. Trustworthy Platform by Design™

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Who Can Benefit From LedgerFunding?

Save time, money, and effort by comparing and connecting directly with financial institutions and commercial finance companies on our curated platform! You’ll no longer have to research funders, go through an individual application process with each funder, or receive daily phone calls from salespeople.

Try out our no-fee platform today and discover just how easy it is to connect with buyers, suppliers, and funders!

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As a distributor or manufacturer with domestic or overseas supply chains, you’ll benefit from purchase order or supply chain finance solutions to advance the payments for goods to your key suppliers and ease the cash crunch.
Suppliers can receive upfront payments for outstanding invoices rather than waiting for 30, 60, 90 or more days on payment terms from creditworthy buyers. This enables you to grow your customer base and not be constrained by the timing of cash flow.
Reach new markets and reduce your costs of business development and monitoring. Since immutability and transparency were built from the ground up, you don’t have to worry about altered customer data and transactions to meet your funding criteria.
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